Remarkable food, sweet and savory

Remarkable people, sweet and unsavory

Inconvenient New York outer borough locations

Industrial Revolution ambience

Recession-friendly adventures for intrepid gastronomes, curious culinarians, and hungry rogues


This was our vision when we cracked open the iron gates on our underground supper club in 2008. Back then, Bushwick, Brooklyn could un-ironically be called underground. And if you were lucky, you might have been able to pay rent on a Victorian factory with little more than an artist’s earnings and some hussling.

We’ve since lost our loft space. But not our head space—we’ve rebuilt as a blog, a creative resource, and a jumping-off point for underground projects. We will continue to share our research and manifestos. We hope to offer information you won’t find elsewhere—at least not easily. 

We’re always seeking collaborations with restaurants (underground or above-board), and with roving chefs who have space, portable gear, or an ace up their sleeves. We’ll be announcing events by email and blog.

And soon we’ll be posting links to our best recipes and tutorials.

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