Welcome to the new site and blog

We’ve been serving you 21st century food with 1990s design and technology. No longer!

We hope you enjoy our new look. The Underbelly blog is now hosted on our own server, with cleaner design and no ads. We’ve imported all the old content, including comments, so everything will be easy to find. You no longer need a Blogger account (or any account) to comment. 

The old blog will redirect to here. 

There’s much more to come. We’re working on creating a repository for recipes and techniques. Stay tuned.

And please check out the new Consulting page. Underbelly is for hire. 

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5 years ago

One snafu with importing all the old blog posts: the comments came in all with the same date, and they’re out of order. So you may see some responses to questions that come before the question, etc..

I’m slowly fixing the post order manually, but am not going to be able to fix the exact dates.

5 years ago

Snafu #2: on some of the articles, type size is ridiculously small. This was the case on the old blog too, but now we have some tools to fix this. Give us a minute. In the mean time, please use your browser’s controls to bump up the sizes.