State of the Underbelly

Thank you, intrepid gastronomes of the underverse, for you continued enthusiasm and patience. You may have wondered, what’s going on under there?

As is the way of the world (by which I mean Brooklyn), fates are tied to real estate: we’ve lost our grand old Bushwick brewery. Also the way of the world (by which I mean the world), the physical morphs to the virtual. After relocating and rethinking (and some downsizing), we’re back in a new form.

The new Underbelly:

1. This site is going to become an active food blog, where we share our research, discoveries, recipes, and ideas.

2. We will seek collaborations with other restaurants (underground or above-board), and with roving chefs who have space, portable gear, or an ace up their sleeves. We’ll be announcing any events to subscribers and through the blog.

3. We will soon post an index to our best recipes and tutorials. This will include favorites, like our Brown Butter Muscovado Chocolate Chip Cookie (which is currently paying the rent at at least one specialty store) and our Poached and Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey, which has stunned a few reluctant diners by actually tasting good. Look forward to tutorials on high-end ice cream (our house specialty), sous-vide techniques, stocks and glaces and sauces, and Japanese knife skills. And more!

Please subscribe, and tell us what else you’d like to see. We’re a dedicated resource for the serious, the curious, the creative, and the hungry

Nano-apple croque-monsieur
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