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Later this summer, for one night only, we’re going to be the best, funnest, cheapest, and least abusive steak house in the country. With that end in mind we’ve been researching the finest beef in the land, making some friends in green places, and conspiring. I’m having a strategy session with our butcher, Jeffrey Ruhalter, next week. We’re going to order rib steaks from six of the best farms and ranches, from Pennsylvania to California, and narrow down our choice to the best of the best of the best. After Jeffrey works his dry aging magic, it will be time to eat. Be ready for a simpler menu and wine list, and a friendlier price than last time.

We’re also thinking about combining meals and classes. How would you like to come to hog butchering class, led by Jeffrey, followed by a Berkshire pork roast and Belgian ale tasting? Let us know what you think.

And I wanted to share the menu from a private dinner we just served, the first of the summer:

-white neapolitan-style pizzas with prosciutto, fennel, and ramps

-bourride (Mediterranean fish soup with sea bream, leeks, swiss chard, aioli),
side of kale with shallots and blood orange

-mixed greens and edible flowers, honey grenache vinnaigrette

-financier cake, vanilla cognac ice cream, fresh berries

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